The Ghost of Tween Series Past

By this point, you’ve heard White Christmas and Jingle Bell Rock. You’ve trimmed trees and lit menorahs and baked cookies. You’ve shed a tear for Bedford Falls. So what’s left to get you feeling the holiday spirit?

The Retro “Christmas Chiller” Throwdown: Baby-Sitters Club vs. Sweet Valley Twins, of course.

Both 80s/90s tween series have a Christmas/mystery book, of course. (I can see the meeting on that one. “We have the Christmas special, and we have these mystery specials. What if we combined them and ohmygodguys kids will buy the hell out of this!”) Each book competes in fashion, boys, drama, and more.

I loved the BSC back in the day, and had a few copies of Sweet Valley Twins as well, so this throwdown touches my heart. Merry Christmas, one and all!

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