Moving on From Panem

My mom read The Hunger Games recently and afterward she told me, “I don’t even know what to do. What else can I read that’s like that?” I suggested The Handmaid’s Tale, which might have been a little too intense for her. (Sorry, Mom.) I should have directed her to the Lawrence Public Library’s flowchart for what to read after The Hunger Games. A sample:

Make sure to click through for the rest of their fantastic suggestions. I might take some of these recommendations to share with my YA Dystopian Society Book Club.

10 thoughts on “Moving on From Panem

  1. No Battle Royale? I still prefer it over The Hunger Games, but that might simply be because of the personal connection. I’m still waiting for someone to understand why I get a little emotional whenever I heard “Born to Run.” However, if The Handmaid’s Tale might be too intense….yeah….

    • I haven’t read/seen Battle Royale yet. I’m worried that I’ll have the opposite feeling and judge it with The Hunger Games in mind, even though BR came first.

  2. Legend and Divergent are both definitely on my “to read” list. I’d like to see a “modern classics similar to The Hunger Games” list too that might include Handmaid’s Tale, Fahrenheit 451, and 1984. Love the flow chart! I might have to print this out for a spot on the library wall!

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