Chapter by Chapter in Harry Potter

Holy cow, I’m on the WordPress Freshly Pressed list today! Thanks to WordPress for the opportunity, and to all the readers who have stopped by to check out last week’s Friday Fifteen. If you liked that post, it’s a regular feature so you should check out the Friday Fifteen archive. So many fifteen-word reviews!

Back to normal book business. One lovely feature in the Harry Potter series is the illustration featured at the beginning of each chapter. Now Redditor ajcfood has put together each chapter illustration in one giant composite:

Click through to see the larger image. Wouldn’t this make a fantastic poster? It really gives you a sense of the scope and narrative of the series.

Mary GrandPré is the artist behind it all (she also does the covers). Her work provides a glimpse into each chapter, and connects beautifully with Rowling’s magical stories. Check out this interview with GrandPré in which she talks a little about her process.

6 thoughts on “Chapter by Chapter in Harry Potter

  1. It’s interesting how the contrast increases in the illustrations for the last few books. I love Mary GrandPré’s illustrations; they brought a lot to the book and I think they help separate the book from the movie. One look at her images, and it’s possible to remember how you thought of the characters before you ever saw the movies. (I just realized something: That I’ve seen, there haven’t been any Harry Potter books released with photos from the movie on the cover. That’s pretty cool!)

  2. I love how much darker the illustrations get the further down you go, it really reflects the changing tones of the books.

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