The Writing Cave

New favorite writing space:


Or course, I might be too distracted by the awesomeness of the space to get any work done. (Up the ladder! Down the ladder! More books!)

Click through for even more awesome architectural bookshelves.

(image: Freshome)(via Architizer Blog)

2 thoughts on “The Writing Cave

  1. How uber-licious is that? I’m just starting something about ‘the marvel that is the desk’ (hope to have it done this weekend!) but clearly the bookshelf is the beauty here – actually you’re right – it would be hard to get any work done. Architizer is a great site – they have some superb work on there.

  2. It would be so hard not to get dizzy from spinning around and around to take in all that GORGEOUS! And it looks like there’s more space for more shelves above! ^_^

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