Stay Gold, Coppola

In middle school, one of my favorite books was The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. I must have read it twenty times. Then I found a copy of the VHS and watched that repeatedly, too. There’s a lot of argument pitting books against their movie versions, and for The Outsiders I loved both. So it was awesome to see today’s Letters of Note, in which a school librarian and her students helped bring The Outsiders to Francis Ford Coppola, who ultimately directed the film. The first letter:

Click through to see the full exchange. It’s really heartwarming to see how one librarian aide’s letter helped create a fantastic movie. And it’s a great lesson in never doubting that your voice can make a difference. Maybe it won’t come to anything–but maybe it will.

(image via Letters of Note)

1 thought on “Stay Gold, Coppola

  1. Ha! I just got done reading these letters. (I love getting Letters of Note.) I loved that book, too, but I hadn’t ever seen the movie. Must rectify that ASAP.

    Hurray for dedicated librarians and teachers everywhere!

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