Book Club, Plus Robes

This is a surprisingly busy time for me, so instead of doing major thoughtful post about thoughtful things, here are pictures from my book club meeting last weekend. We read Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo, ate tasty treats, and wore homemade kefta:

Tasty brunch

Tasty brunch

My kefta

My kefta

Other bookish costumes I’ve worn in the past include:

  • Ron Weasley
  • Hester Prynne
  • Claudia Kishi

I’ve been writing stories since I could tape paper together and call it a book, but I’ve been a fan of books for as long as I can remember. I love getting so excited about a book that I want to make a costume or stand in line for a midnight release or hand someone a copy and say they need to read it immediately so we can talk about it. Thanks to friends who share the same bookish enthusiasm!

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