Hedgehogs, Assemble!

Reason #92 why the Brookline Library and its teen librarians/patrons are awesome: Avenger Book Hedgehogs.

It’s like everything I love in one place! And Thor has a hammer! *dies of cuteness*

A little about the project:

“Specially appearing at tonight’s lock-in event for our teen manga/anime club, and then on to a display in the Brookline Library: Marvel’s Avengers!  These hedgehogs, made of repurposed books (drawn from our discarded but well-loved to the point of falling apart comics and paperbacks – no worries, replacements have already hit the shelves!), are decked out in full Avengers gear made by yours truly from duct tape.  Powered by craftiness and geek passion.”

Craftiness and geek passion can do anything. If you want to make your own book hedgehogs (superhero or otherwise), check out the tutorial here.

The library also hosted a hedgehog book-making event for Halloween. Can teen Annie time travel to the Brookline Library and get to do awesome stuff like this?

Claudia Kishi: Artisti, Junk Food Addict, and 90s Role Model

At Sadie Magazine, Yumi Sakugawa shares a completely awesome (and surprisingly touching) comic dedicated to everyone’s favorite artistic babysitter with the worst grammar skills. A glimpse at the Claudia goodness:

Sakugawa looks at great moments in Claudia Kishi history, as well as guesses what Claudia might be up to these days. Make sure to check out the whole post.

(H/T bookshelves of doom)

100 Artists for Literacy

Love these redesigned book covers. They were created by 100 artists for DoeDeMee, a project dedicated to raising awareness of illiteracy. (For each poster version sold, a portion of the money is given to UNESCO projects in Africa.)

My favorite:

I might actually need this Northern Lights poster by Hamish Steele.

Check out the whole collection to find your favorite.

Word History

Mysteries of the Vernacular is one of my new favorite web series. Beautifully animated sequences take you through the history of one common word, like clue:

This is exactly what I needed when I was nine and asked my mom why we called a tree “a tree” and not “a dog” or “a fireman.” Can’t wait to see the full set of 26!

(via Colossal)(H/T Patrick Truby)